Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Good Day

Today, Ducky joined the Forces of Good.  Ducky's name is Weep Weep and he is yellow and orange and he has a big smile because he is a happy ducky.  Dr. Thumbs and Rat Child found Ducky.  And brought him to Stars and Stars gave him nose kisses.  Ducky's best friend is Hippo.  Stars thinks maybe they will giggle together in the corner.  Stars is eating double cheeseburgers from McDonald's because heroes like double cheeseburgers.  Today has been a busy day for the Forces of Good.  Rat Child and Dr. Thumbs have been out foraging for the Cause of Good.  This is how they found Ducky who is a silly ducky and Hippo likes him because he is silly and they are always giggling.  Rat Child said they needed to go find supplies and so out they went and Stars napped while they went.  Now they have supplies to fight the Evil Squirrels.  And Ducky.  Stars says it was a good day.

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