Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cherry Cough Drops and Chicken Soup

As I throw away the last of the cough drop wrappers and used tissues, I contemplate the last four weeks.  Four weeks of sinus infection, sore throat, coughing, minimal sleep, complete draining of energy, minimal work being accomplished, and lack of attention directed towards our hero, Stars the Mighty.  (He informs me that this last aspect has been the worst of it.)  While the lab is tossing about theories on biotoxins and Evil Squirrel weapons, I have come to the conclusion that even the Forces of Good must battle the enemy of all -- the common cold.  A vicious virus that introduces itself as a mere sniffle or a sneeze only to mutate into something beyond human comprehension.  How is it that a mere sneeze can become a sinus congesting illness capable of producing enough yellow mucus to fill twenty sinus cavities let alone just one?  And, to make its reign of terror even worse, it saps all energy and desire to function  while continuing to drag out its stay until even the most hardy of souls would give in.  In my research, I have found the following results from experimentation against this virus:  soft cotton hankerchiefs are less likely to make one's nose feel raw; cherry cough drops work the best (or maybe they just taste the best); chicken noodle soup really does restore the feeling of hope that one might possibly get well; and there's nothing quite like the company of friends to make you feel human even when you can't feel healthy.  Now, if only there were some nearby Evil Squirrels I could cough on--after all, its only polite to share.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Taking a Stand

Stars the Mighty noted that Rat Child and Ranger came to town recently to help me fight the forces of evil.  And though it made him lonely, I needed the help.  Thanks Stars the Mighty!  Often, being a hero can feel like a very hard thing to be.  Sure there are the perks (good capes, cool names, always something to do on a Friday night) but there's always a trade-off.  In the case of heroes, you trade a life of service to others for a life that can be lonely because you are always rushing off to face an evil squirrel or help defend someone.  And not everyone wants to be rescued!  Today though, I want to talk about what it means to be a hero and take a stand against something you know is wrong--whether that is someone's actions or comments.  It isn't easy.  Sometimes you are the only one in the group to realize that what they are doing or saying isn't right.  If you take a stand, it's possible they will make fun of you or turn on you.  And that can be scary.  The thing to remember is that when you face that moment, you are not alone.  When you take a stand for what is right, you stand with all the Heroes in the Before Time, those heroes that fought the good fight against the forces of evil and chaos all their days.  When at last they leave Planet Earth, they go on to Hero Paradise.  Yet they often are allowed to return to earth to stand with those who would be like them.  They are bound by one rule however and that is the rule of invisibility.  In this way, each would-be hero has the opportunity to make the choice for themselves.  That would-be hero must face their own fear and decide what is most important, popularity and security or goodness and honour.  The Heroes in the Before Time wait, silently, by your side while you deliberate.  They can help you, but the ultimate decision must be yours.  Sometimes your circle of friends changes with that decision.  Just remember though, to stand with Heroes is to stand tall.  And with that courageous choice, you will gain wisdom and begin your training to become a True Hero. 

Stand Tall--We Stand Together

Girl America

And thank you for Herman, he has been a true joy!