Thursday, December 4, 2008

Stars' New Song

Sometimes a hero just needs to sing his happiness.  So Stars the Mighty found Rat Child and sang his new song to her, because she has thumbs and can write it down so the Forces of Good can hear Stars the Mighty, too, and be happy along with him.

Yellow, yellow is my song

and this is the reason why

because yellow is the color

of all good things to try.

Yellow is the flashlight's face

that dances in the night

Yellow is the cheesy round

that makes my eyes alight

Yellow is the butter yummy

that makes me smile so bright

Yellow is the warm snortle glow

of a heart loved just right.

Yellow, yellow is my song

and this the reason why

because yellow is always the color

of the happy Star-Man's sigh.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Training Conference

After the typical day in the lab, I have finished my preparations for my upcoming training conference.  I will be teaching some lab techniques to another up North for a few days and must travel by train to reach my destination.  While I completely trust Stars the Mighty to defend the Forces of Good from the Evil Squirrels, I do worry that perhaps Hippo and Ducky might get to acting silly and cause chaos in the lab.  I must also remind Rat Child to take special care of our dear hero as he has a slight limp due to injury from chasing Evil Squirrels.  He really is quite enthusiastic about his duties and it is often hard work to convince him to come inside and rest.  He is already missing me and I him.  It will be a long week, but knowledge must be spread to eager minds.  And hey, it pays for new lab equipment.