Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sometimes it's hard to be a hero

The Evil Squirrels of Montana are about to have a very bad week.  Stars almost feels sorry for the Evil Squirrels, but not quite.  Stars the Mighty is sending two of the Forces of Good to provide backup to Girl America.  Because even the strongest of heroes needs backup once in awhile--and furniture.  I am sending Rat Child and The Ranger.  Poor Dr. Thumbs has to stay here in the lab because someone must watch over Stars and keep the Evil Squirrels from eating everybody.  Stars is happy because he loves Dr. Thumbs.  Though Dr. Thumbs might get lonely without Rat Child to get her into trouble.  So Stars will happily take that over with Hippo.  Dr. Thumbs will have her hands full with Hippo and Ducky, the dynamic silly duo.  We will have to tell them silly stories to keep them giggling so they stay out of too much trouble.  We are going to send the covert operative Herman the Anteater to surprise Girl America when she comes into the bathroom with her bunny slippers.  Stars is not sure if she has bunny slippers, but she is Girl America, so she probably does.  And they would be pink.  Stars hopes Girl America does not get Rat Child lost in the mountains.  It is a good thing The Ranger is coming to keep an eye on Girl America and Rat Child so that they do not become silly like Hippo and Ducky because they will want to.  Dr. Thumbs says it is something in their genes, maybe they should check their pockets.  Stars has to give them a secret mission because heroes without secret missions get into too much trouble coming up with stuff on their own.  And so, their mission will be to find new locations for the Forces of Good and to find Stars something fun, maybe some cheese or a new friend for the Forces of Good.  Stars is sad because he is already missing Rat Child and The Ranger, but because Stars is a hero, he must still be sad because otherwise Girl America would be sad when they did not come, so Stars must be a hero and let them come.  It is hard to be a hero sometimes.