Monday, February 2, 2009

Evil Henchmen

Some may wonder, what has become of our hero and the Forces of Good.  Some may fear the worst.  The Forces of Good are still intact.  However, it has come to our attention that Queen Dribbles, leader of the Evil Squirrels, has contracted additional forces.

Unexpectedly, the Evil Squirrels have been joined by the Hoard of Rats.  They are dark and evil henchmen who specialize in biotoxins and destructive behavior.  The Rat Henchmen strike in force and only the most drastic of actions can eliminate the threat. 

The Forces of Good have taken swift action to prevent the Hoard from building up their forces.  The lab has been extremely active in the creation of counter measures with great success.  Knowing that there are a few of the Hoard to have eluded the Forces of Good, I have been working closely with our hero to route out the enemy and destroy it.

Wish us luck.